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Black ops 2 prestige hack tool 2016 [Xbox360,PS4 and PC]

Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack Tool 2016[Updated version]


Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige hack tool 

We have developed working black ops 2 prestige and wall hack tool, In the first post we explained and told you more about black ops 2 cheats that you can find behind first and second tab. So in this one I will tell you more about third and fourth tab. If you didn’t read anything about our black ops  2 cheats and hacks, there are a lot of post here on our website. And also if you want to get this amazing tool for free, click on the download button at the and of this page.

Black Ops 2 hack tool 

Now we want to talk you about Black ops 2 prestige and other multiplayer hack tool that supports windows and mac system.. This one looks like it, and have nine different cheats as well. As you can see from the pictures above it also works for single player and multiplayer. So if you don’t no what these black ops cheats are for, you can read below. If you already do, and want to get this tool, below you can find the download button.

Black Ops 2 hack tool 2016:

  • Super Speed – Super speed hack is as the name  says speed hack. It gives you faster movement then the other players. I don’t recommend you to  use this one in multiplayer.
  • No Recoil – With this cheat, your weapons won’t have any recoil. So you can shoot more accurate. I will recommend you to use this one in multiplayer games, because it’s completely undetectable.
  • No Gravity – This tool sets gravity to zero. So when jump you can’t fall ever, until you turn off this cheat. Note that this is the only cheat that don’t work in multiplayer.
  • Exploding Gun Shots – With this cheat your every gun shot will explode. So you can basically take more dmg to your enemy.
  • Automatic Shotgun – This  will make any shotgun to an automatic one.
  • Ultimate Mod – This is our most powerful cheat for black ops 2. This is something like god mod, but much powerful. You basically unlock all cheats with this one. I also don’t recommend you to use this one.
  • Unlimited Health – With this one you will have unlimited health, so nobody can hurt you.
  • No Reload – And this cheat will activate no reload mod. And you will never have to reload your weapon again.
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 hack tool
And now we came to end of this cheat. Last tab is Unlock all feature you want. So if you don’t know we want to tell you more about things this can unlock in black ops 2.
  • All Weapons – Unlock all weapons.
  • All Lasers – Unlocks all lasers in bo2.
  • All Camouflages – Unlock all camouflages.
  • All Achievements – Will unlock all achievements.
  • All Challenges – Will unlock instantly all challenges.
  • All Emblems – Unlocks all emblems in the game.
  • All Killstreaks – will of course unlock all killstreaks.
  • All Nuketown 2025 – this will unlock nuketown 2025 instantly.
So if you want to cheat in black ops 2, you will need our bo2 hack. You can get this tool for free, and then cheat undetected. So click on  the download button below, and you will find instructions and download link.

Black Ops 2 Hack Download Button

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